URB-IOT 2014 - IoT in Urban Space

URB-IOT 2014 - IoT in Urban Space

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1st International Conference on IoT in Urban Space

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This exciting new conference that aims to provide a new venue and opportunity of information exchange on urban computing within the scope of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the new science of cities. The science, technologies and applications of urban computing in conjunction with IoT have been steadily advancing and the related businesses are entering a new phase. Urb-IoT 2014 brings together leading technology experts, researchers, designers, urban planners, and architects in academia and industry in this field. Urb-IoT 2014 attracted 58 high-quality submissions. After rigorous peer review and online discussion process, the Program Committee selected 15 full papers for oral presentation and 12 papers for poster presentation at the conference. These highly-selected papers cover emerging and important topics related to Urban Mobility, Data Driven Urban Planning, Urban Systems and Citizen Science Applications.

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Editor(s): Fahim Kawsar, Ulf Blanke, Afra Mashhadi and Bashar Altakrouri

Publisher: ICST

ISBN 978-1-63190-055-6

Conference dates: 27th–28th Oct 2014

Location: Rome, Italy

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