Towards a Common Platform for the Support of Routine and Agile Business Processes

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10th IEEE International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing
Michael Zeising1, Stefan Schönig1, Stefan Jablonski1
1: Universität Bayreuth

    The spectrum of an organization’s business processes ranges from routine processes with a well-defined flow to agile processes with a degree of uncertainty. The Process Navigation platform aims at supporting both types of processes as well as combinations of them. It offers execution support for traditional flow-oriented notations like BPMN as they are well-suited for the routine type of processes. Rule-based notations for agile processes like CMMN are on the way of getting established but still have a number of weaknesses. As a consequence, the platform’s agile part does not target one single notation but relies on a rule-based cross-perspective and modal intermediate language. CMMN models are then translated to the intermediate language for execution. The contribution of this paper is built up in three parts: first of all, the overall architecture of the execution platform is explained. In a second step, the intermediate language is evaluated on the basis of a comprehensive and acknowledged framework of business process requirements. And finally, the translation of CMMN to the intermediate language is described by means of an example.