RADAR Spine Imaging based on an Inhomogeneous Medium Focussing Algorithm

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9th International Conference on Body Area Networks
Klaus Wolf1, Hui Zhang1, Dirk Plettemeier1
1: Technische Universitaet Dresden

    In this paper we propose an inhomogeneous medium fo- cussing algorithm for UWB RADAR imaging of the hu- man spine. The advantage of microwave imaging over con- ventional x-ray imaging in this specific application is the comparatively low exposure to radiation enabling possibly repetitive imaging of patients who are not viable for x-ray exposure. The proposed focussing algorithm is based on the general solution of the electromagnetic wave equation and called General Solution based RADAR imaging (GSRI). Compared to conventional methods the GSRI yields good re- sults in the estimation of shape and position of the measured target. The viability of the approach and the performance are demonstrated on simulated data and measured data for a variety of measurement setups including an imaging of the human spine.