ProvenanceLens: Service Provenance Management in the Cloud

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10th IEEE International Conference on Collaborative Computing: Networking, Applications and Worksharing
Mohamed Eltoweissy1, Ahmed Khalifa2, Mohamed Azab2
1: Virginia Military Institute
2: Virginia Tech

    The emergence of Mobile Ad-hoc Clouds (MACs) promises more effective and collaborative elastic resource-infinite computing.However, the highly dynamic, mobile, heterogeneous, fractionized, and scattered nature of computing resources coupled with the isolated non-cooperative nature of current resource management systems make it impossible for current virtualization and resource management techniques to guarantee resilient cloud service delivery. In this paper, we present PlanetCloud, our MAC management platform with an intrinsic support for resilient, highly mobile, cooperative, and dynamically-configurable MACs. We use PlanetCloud for the construction and management of resilient hybrid MACs (HMACs) over mobile and stationary computing resources. PlanetCloud comprises a trustworthy fine-grained virtualization layer and a task management layer. PlanetCloud employs the concepts of application virtualization and fractionation using intrinsically-resilient and aware micro virtual machines, or Cells in our terminology, to encapsulate executable applicationfractions. Using analysis and simulation, we evaluate a PlanetCloud-managed resilient HMAC. Results show that PlanetCloud can provision high level of resource availability transparently maintaining the applications’ QoS while preventing service disruption even in highly dynamic environments.