Performance Analysis of Wearable UWB Logo Antenna for Healthcare Monitoring

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8th International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies (formerly BIONETICS)
Md Mahmud1, Honggang Wang1, Hua Fang2
1: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
2: University of Massachusetts Medical School

    In this paper, a logo textile based antenna has been designed and its performance has also be analyzed under close vicinity of the human body. The proposed antenna is designed as “UMD” logo and can be used for health monitoring purpose. The substrate of this antenna is purely jeans material which is widely available. The permittivity of the substrate is 1.7 with overall dimension of the antenna 60mmX75mmX2.6mm. The proposed antenna is assessed and optimized in the operational range from 1.2985 GHz to 21.326 GHz. Since the antenna is designed with flexible material, the antenna has also been tested under different bending conditions to ensure a stable characteristic. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) on human body has also been measured at a distance of 20mm.