Modeling Self-organization of Microtubules from Tubulins

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8th International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communications Technologies (formerly BIONETICS)
Somenath Das1, Ramana Pidaparti1, Preetam Ghosh2
1: University of Georgia, Boston
2: Virginia Commonwealth University

    Self-assembly is a ubiquitous, naturally occurring, robust process in many living organisms. Microtubules are a well-studied type of natural self-organization systems that assemble into functional units by attaching to cellular structures. Modeling microtubule self-organization is of broad interest as they form a network of protein filaments that is critical to many processes in eukaryotic cells. In this paper, we propose a modeling algorithm starting from alpha and beta tubulins as basic building blocks in the self-organization of microtubules. The preliminary results obtained from our algorithm demonstrate that such self-organization stems from the properties of the basic building blocks that can be used to form the complex microtubule structures.