Massive MIMO and Waveform Design for 5th Generation Wireless Communication Systems

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1st International Conference on 5G for Ubiquitous Connectivity
Arman Farhan1, Nicola Marchetti1, Fabricio Figueiredo2, Joao Paulo Miranada2
1: Trinity College Dublin
2: CPqD

    This article reviews existing related work and identifies the main challenges in the key 5G area at the intersection of waveform design and large-scale multiple antenna systems, also known as Massive MIMO. The property of self-equalization is introduced for Filter Bank Multicarrier (FBMC)-based Massive MIMO, which can reduce the number of subcarriers required by the system. It is also shown that the blind channel tracking property of FBMC can be used to address pilot contamination – one of the main limiting factors of Massive MIMO systems. Our findings shed light into and motivate for an entirely new research line towards a better understanding of waveform design with emphasis on FBMC-based Massive MIMO networks.