IT REVOLUTIONS 2011 - IT Revolutions

IT REVOLUTIONS 2011 - IT Revolutions

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IT Revolutions. Third International ICST Conference, Córdoba, Spain, March 23-25, 2011, Revised Selected Papers

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The Third International Symposium IT Revolutions 2011 will bring together top technical professionals from industry, researchers and academia to exchange information and results on recent work on systems, technologies, processes and applications. The conference will address current and future trends in the state of the technology for solving and managing daily practices, and foster interdisciplinary collaborative research in this area. Conference aims will focus on all aspects about the role and deployment of the new information and communications technologies in the 21st Century lifestyle, taking special attention to the newest emerging wireless technologies and its integration in any life scenario, covering topics from eHealth and Ambient Assisted Living to Energy Sustainability and Smart Grids applications and practices.

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Editor(s): Matías Liñán Reyes, José Flores Arias, Juan González de la Rosa, Josef Langer, Francisco Bellido Outeiriño and Antonio Moreno-Munñoz

Publisher: Springer

ISBN 978-3-642-32304-1

Conference dates: 23rd–25th Mar 2011

Location: Cordoba, Spain

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