Fusing On-Body Sensing with Local and Temporal Cues for Daily Activity Recognition

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9th International Conference on Body Area Networks
Zack Zhu1, Ulf Blanke1, Alberto Calatroni1, Oliver Brdiczka2, Gerhard Tröster1
1: ETH Zurich
2: Palo Alto Research Center

    Automatically recognizing people’s daily activities is essential for a variety of applications, such as just-in-time content delivery or quantified self-tracking. Towards this, researchers often use customized wearable motion sensors tailored to recognize a small set of handpicked activities in controlled environments. In this paper, we design and engineer a scalable, daily activity recognition framework, by leveraging two widely adopted commercial devices: Android smartphone and Pebble smartwatch. Deploying our system outside the laboratory, we collected a total of more than 72 days of data from 12 user study participants. We systematically show the usefulness of time, location, and wrist-based motion for automatically recognizing 10 standardized activities, as specified by the American Time Use Survey taxonomy. Overall, we achieve a recognition accuracy of 76.28% for personalized models and 69.80% for generic, interpersonal models.