Context-aware disclosure of health sensor data

Context-aware disclosure of health sensor data

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4th International ICST Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare

Abstract: Healthcare processes are driven by sensitive information. Access control technologies aimed at protecting health information tend to focus on patient records. However, it is also important to control access to live data streams, such as those from sensor devices-especially as healthcare becomes increasingly pervasive. As opposed to bespoke, scenario-specific access control regimes, the middleware enforcement of access policy enables application- and device-independent information governance. This paper illustrates how a data control middleware can regulate sensor data flows, controlling the information disclosed in accordance with circumstance.

Keywords: Access control, Filters, Job production systems, Joining processes, Laboratories, Medical services, Middleware, Protection, Telecommunication computing,Telecommunication control

Authors: Jatinder Singh1,*, Pedro Brandao1,2*, Jean Bacon1,*
1: Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge
2: Comput. Science Dept., Univ. of Porto and Instituto de Telecomunicacoes

Publisher: ICST

Published: 6th June 2010

ISBN 978-963-9799-89-9

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