BODYNETS 2012 - Body Area Networks

BODYNETS 2012 - Body Area Networks

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7th International Conference on Body Area Networks

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The advancement in sensing, embedded computing, and wireless communication has accelerated the progress of adopting sensor networks to form Body Area Networks (BodyNets). BodyNets integrate and deploy wireless sensors, RFID tags, and other pervasive devices within and around human bodies for constructing diverse and practical systems for physiological monitoring, human computer interaction, and provision of entertainment. This conference will explore and explain the scope and challenges of designing, building, and deploying BodyNets. In this regard, the conference aims to establish a forum to exchange ideas, discuss practices, raise awareness, and share experiences among researchers and practitioners in the field of computer science, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, medicine, and other disciplines in both academia and industry. This conference also allows authors to present new and emerging trends to address the technical, social, system and application issues related to BodyNets. While the mission of the conference is to share novel basic research ideas as well as experimental applications in the BodyNets area in addition to identifying new directions for future research and development the new scientific topics such as nano communication networks, bio-inspired networks, molecular networks, etc. will be considered. BodyNets 2012 will give researchers a unique opportunity to share their perspectives with others interested in the various aspects from molecular to micro level communication to novel applications from medicine to automobile industry. The conference consists of four symposia that cover a broad range of research aspects. In addition, the program will include three outstanding keynote speakers from academia and industry. A panel session on “Nano communications networks: from theory to practical applications” and an industrial track will surely provoke thoughtful discussions. There will also be two tutorials given free of charge to all BodyNets 2012 attendees. We hope that the conference proceedings will serve as a valuable reference to researchers and developers in the area.

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Editor(s): Ilangko Balasingham

Publisher: ICST

ISBN 978-1-936968-60-2

Conference dates: 24th–26th Sep 2012

Location: Oslo, Norway

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