AMBI-SYS 2013 - Ambient Media and Systems

AMBI-SYS 2013 - Ambient Media and Systems

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Ambient Media and Systems. Third International ICST Conference, AMBI-SYS 2013, Athens, Greece, March 15, 2013, Revised Selected Papers

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Ambient media and systems culminate from the emergence of mobile communication, sensor-actuator technology, virtual environments, and interactive computing. They represent the vision of an all-encompassing multimedia networking environment with human interaction at its core. Advances in computer and communication technologies have the potential to offer people an unprecedented level of convenience and flexibility for living and working. Such technologies need to be closely integrated with human interactions and activity, allowing greater support for smart solutions that improve quality of life, productivity, understanding and intelligence within their situated environment. Ambi-sys focuses on emerging technologies, services and solutions for new, human-centric intelligent ambient environments. The conference will consist of the following major areas or tracks: Communications and Networking, which will be covering Wireless communication, Ambient sensors, actuators and networking, Quality of service and system performance, Digital home and smart living, Evolve-able and adaptive pervasive systems, Scalability, integration, and ubiquity. Intelligence and Automation, which focuses on such topics as Ambient Intelligence, Services, delivery, applications and smart solutions, Multi-media knowledge management, acquisition and data fusion, Detection and knowledge elicitation, Prediction and self-learning, Middleware, Human-computer interaction in technology-rich environments, Intelligence and Automation, Automatic Behavioral Analysis. Human Interface and Interaction, which covers topics including Haptic immersive environments, Vision and recognition, Visualization and display, Sensor perception technologies, Context awareness, System personalization, System and human collaboration, multimodal interaction, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Augmented Reality. Media and Content Provision, which is defined to cover Integration of Multimedia within ambient systems, Multi-media processing, distribution and integration, Provision and acquisition of ambient information, Privacy, trust, accountability and dependability, Cognition, intelligence, ambience, adaptivity, self-organization and evolution, Multimedia and intelligent agents. Applications of Ambient Systems including ambient assisted living, ambient media systems, domotics, intelligent spaces, mobile computing, Food & Retail, Pharma & Healthcare, Transport, Environmental Monitoring. Ambient Games & Entertainment Applications focusing on Gamification, Serious Games, Smart Environments Installations, Pervasive Games, Ambient Intelligence for Entertainment, Museum and Tourism interactive systems, Telepresence in Entertainment, Emergent games, Intelligent interfaces for Entertainment, Participatory Sensing, Urban Gaming, ExerGames, Virtual Characters, Animation and Storytelling, Tangible Interfaces for Entertainment, Applications and Business on Ambient Games, Social Networks, Crowdsourcing and Games, Physical - Digital Confluence for Games and Entertainment.

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Editor(s): Constantinos Angelis, Dimitrios Fotiadis and Alexandros Tzallas

Publisher: Springer

ISBN 978-3-319-04102-5

Conference dates: 15th Mar 2013

Location: Athens, Greece

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